Inigo Insurance

Risk can be a beautiful thing.

We believe nothing great ever happened without someone taking a risk. But risk is complex. It needs to be understood and embraced before it can open up a world of opportunity.

Based in London, we write business from a multitude of territories, specialising on a select number of high-risk, high-capacity insurance and reinsurance lines.

Through our Lloyd’s syndicate, we work exclusively with the broker intermediary market, serving some of the world’s largest commercial and industrial enterprises. Additionally, we provide reinsurance to leading insurers across the globe.

Data science is at the core of everything we do. The data we use, and don’t use, and the models we build to run it offer genuinely different and useful perspectives on risk, propelling new understanding to enable better decisions.

A blend of experience and ambitious talent, our dynamic people are the heart of the Inigo experience. Our values of radical simplicity and low ego underpin truly exceptional relationships.

At Inigo we see risk differently.

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What We Do



A trouble shared is a trouble halved. We are dedicated to a single goal – embracing risk. With an unwavering focus on industry-leading service and independence of thought, our value-adding Reinsurance provides meaningful capacity at sustainable and transparent terms to the world’s leading insurers.

We cover Property including Catastrophe XL, Aggregate XL, Risk XS, Proportional, Parametric, and Retrocession. And Specialty, including Cyber, Crop, Nuclear, Surety, Terrorism, and Wildfire liability. Our highly-experienced and partnership-orientated team boasts a powerful blend of different capabilities and skillsets, committed to protecting you throughout the ever-changing reinsurance environment.

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Direct & Facultative Property

The Great Fire of London caused an estimated £10m worth of damage to the streets of London, yet few of us know its aftermath led to the creation of modern insurance. Following the Great Fire, Nicholas Barbon founded a building insurance business and London's first fire insurance company.

We offer specialist insurance against direct physical loss or damage, business interruption and natural catastrophe to properties worldwide – particularly the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Our extensive cover spans Commercial Real Estate, Public Entity, Hospitality, Retail/Wholesale, Institutions, Manufacturing, Energy (North America), Power Generation (North America), Media & Telecommunications, and Healthcare.

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Political Violence & Terrorism

Nothing would give us greater pleasure than the ability to drop PVT from our product lines. Sadly, in this increasingly polarised world, where every day seems to bring new threats, we’re needed more than ever.

We provide cover for terrorism, strikes, riots and civil commotion, political violence, war on land, malicious attack, threat, active assailant and active shooter. Our clients range from multinationals, energy and power companies, sporting and social event management to private individuals. Our specialist, highly-experienced and market-leading team underwrites both UK and international clients on an XL, direct and facultative basis. In an ever-changing geopolitical environment, we bring reassurance.

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Aviation War

During WW2, brave American women volunteered for the experimental Women Airforce Service Pilots. They faced huge risks testing overhauled planes, flying aircraft to military bases, and towing targets for live anti-aircraft gun tests. Protecting WASP would’ve been an honour for our highly-skilled, market-leading Aviation War team, who welcome innovation and understand a willingness for risk.

Our global client base covers major operators plus associated lessors, banks and finance parties, manufacturers and general aviation. With a service-led relationship with our brokers and clients, we cover physical loss or damage to aircraft, confiscation per policy form, aircraft spares, plus excess third-party war liability. We also specialise in covering operations into distressed territories on behalf of governmental, non-governmental, or humanitarian organisations.

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Directors & Officers Liability

The biggest business cliché is the kitchen table idea that becomes a global powerhouse. But that doesn’t make it less true. Facebook began as a conduit for Harvard students, while Amazon started as an online bookshop. We know people with vision need to take risks. Directors and Officers protects the newest start-ups to companies who influence the world.

Specialising in US, Australian, European and Latin American-listed companies, Directors and Officers insurance can be tailored to your individual needs – covering industries at the cutting edge of innovation, like Biotechnology and Cloud software, to those that underpin the global economy, such as mining and shipping.

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General Liability

Our culture is packed with sidekicks - from Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to Batman and Robin. Though perhaps less eye-catching, these complementary heroes typically take on the more standard – though no less important – risks while their flamboyant partners tackle areas requiring unique expertise. General Liability is the perfect companion to our more specialised insurance lines, protecting a range of Fortune 1000, US-based industries such as construction, rail, hospitality and real estate, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and food and beverages.

Our appetite for risk, together with flexible underwriting covering a wide variety of attachment points, means we can offer bespoke cover to your particular needs and create a long-term partnership that benefits everyone.

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Financial Institutions

"Who guards the guards?" said a loose translation of Roman poet Juvenal’s original Latin question. Businesses and individuals alike rely on banks, building societies and other financial institutions to protect our cash and investments. But who protects the protectors?

We provide a full suite of financial lines products – including crime, professional indemnity, and directors and officers cover for a broad range of financial institutions based largely in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Our clients are exposed to a range of risks relating both to their business line and location. We aim to say yes. We will work with you to provide meaningful capacity and create innovative solutions, backed by proactive, supportive, and effective claims handling – from initial notice to payment.

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Marine Liability

Since 30,000 rubber ducks escaped from a container lost overboard during extreme weather in 1992, they have bobbed gently across the globe – even helping oceanographers map ocean currents. However, losses and accidents at sea and onshore are rarely so media-friendly, and can massively impact revenue and reputation.

We protect shipowners, operators and charterers, and financial institutions involved in the maritime industry such as traders, cargo owners and pollution products. We also support shoreside industries from port, terminal and marina operators to shipbuilders and repairers, and can cover niche areas such as Certificate of Financial Responsibility providers.

Covering sole traders to multinational corporations worldwide, Marine is available on a direct and reinsurance basis, and can be tailored to your particular needs.

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Energy Liability

Earth’s sun is set to burn out in 4 to 5 billion years – give or take – which may be one energy risk too far even for us. In the meantime, we provide property damage and business interruption coverage for a sector in the midst of transition.

As the energy industry explores more sustainable options and continues to evolve, our cover evolves with you. We protect the old and the new – from Onshore Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals industries to Power and Renewables – based primarily in North America, Europe and Australasia. Our technical approach to underwriting means we truly understand the risks you face and can provide cover tailored to the specific needs of your operation.

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