Risk can be a beautiful thing.

At Inigo, we see risk differently.

It’s how we see risk today that enables a universe of opportunities tomorrow. By carefully identifying, understanding and unravelling risk, we gain insights now that unlock the potential of unexplored horizons in the future.

We specialise in a select range of high-risk, high-capacity insurance and reinsurance lines, serving many of the largest commercial and industrial enterprises.

Working exclusively with the broker intermediary market, we bring protection to people and businesses operating in a multitude of challenging sectors.

Our different perspectives on risk are fuelled by our core beliefs in data science. By using innovative models that push the boundaries of what data reveals about risk, we enable our clients to make better decisions to create the best possible outcomes.

Discover our range of expertise.

Directors & Officers Insurance

We understand that people with vision need to take risks before they can realise their ambitions. We protect businesses of all shapes and sizes. From the start-ups at the cutting edge of innovation to the companies that influence the world.

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Commercial Property Insurance

We’ve all seen the terrible devastation natural and unnatural disasters can cause worldwide. Our specialist insurance covers direct physical loss or damage, business interruption and natural catastrophe to properties in a range of sectors across the globe.

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General Liability Insurance

No business can stand or grow without solid foundations. Our General Liability cover is the core that underpins our product lines. Providing the perfect companion to our specialised insurance, General Liability protects a range of Fortune 1000, US-based industries.

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Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance

In our divided societies, we are more essential than ever. We cover everything from the cruellest of human actions like terrorism, to more commonplace global events, such as political violence, civil unrest, protests, and more.

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Aviation War Insurance

While aircraft and weaponry are forever evolving, and becoming ever more efficient, the risks in times of conflict remain the same. Our specialist cover protects people and businesses involved in aviation activities worldwide, including those operating in distressed territories.

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Marine Liability Insurance

Marine losses and accidents can severely impact lives, the environment, revenue and reputation. We protect those involved in the maritime industry at sea and onshore, including shipowners, operators and charterers, port, terminal and marine operators – and the financial institutions behind them.

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Energy Liability Insurance

We know the energy sector is facing huge challenges. But change also brings fresh opportunities. By providing energy companies with liability coverage that evolves with them, we protect the old and the new, enabling further exploration into traditional fuels while encouraging innovation in sustainable options.

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Onshore Energy Insurance

Energy is more politicised than ever before. Green solutions and fossil fuels are sparking debate, discontent and disruption – leaving businesses and people on the frontline. Our specialist cover protects onshore energy companies against property damage and business interruption.

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Financial Institutions Insurance

Behind the banks, building societies and other financial institutions that look after our cash and investments are the insurers who watch over them. We protect the protectors with a suite of products designed for a broad range of financial institutions.

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Cyber Insurance

The rapid advancement of technology and dependence on digital infrastructure has made Cyber Risk one of the top risks facing business today. We look to form long term partnerships with our clients in providing risk transfer products that complement their Cyber Security capabilities to help protect against this critical and evolving risk.

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We believe a high-quality claims experience should offer more than promises about expertise and efficiency.

At Inigo, we appreciate everyone is different. We take the time to understand your unique challenges – building a partnership on the foundations of a refreshingly human approach. Our core principles are underpinned by our responsive, nimble and experienced claims team.

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With an unwavering focus on industry-leading service and an independence of thought Reinsurance at Inigo aims to provide meaningful capacity at sustainable and transparent terms to the world’s leading insurers.

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